About us

Asiapura was founded 1996 with the idea of promoting natural, environmental friendly and socially adapted products preferable from rural areas of development countries. Today it extended its service into new working areas mainly international development services.


Worldwide Activities – Focus on Asia

 Asiapura is now a global player, active in the Middle East, Latin America and East Africa, however its focus is still on SE and South Asia as well as China.

 Asiapura stands for environmental friendly and socially integrated projects, studies and documentations in cooperation with many partners in developing countries.

Asiapura deeply considers the specific cultural, social, spiritual and economic conditions of the project region. This high sensitiveness and the long standing experience makes Asiapura projects highly accepted by all stakeholders and partners. Confidence and trust are basics for sustainable and successful development work.


Thinking Global – Acting Local

 Asiapura plans and implements projects, prpares feasabilty studies, expertises, documentations and evaluations.

Asiapura cares about the finances, applies for funds and searches for donors.


Asiapura Global Partners

 Asiapura cooperates with a range of national, international, private as well as governmental development and environmental preservation organisations.

Asiapura is in permanant contact with numerous international players, exporters, importers, retails and Global  Business Players…